Lieselot is an artistic designer based in Middelkerke, a holiday resort  at the Belgian Coast. Her studio window looks out onto the inspirational changes of light and nature of the Polders and beyond. Having graduated from Bruges College in Art and Education she continued experimenting with various materials in her previous job as a Visual Merchandiser creating installations for stores.

In the process she took a particular interest in working with foam on canvas. Further materials such as paste, textured paint, water, linseed oil are added layer by layer to the voluminous foam to realise the decisive finishing touch. Lieselot loves to work and experiment with raw and pure materials.
The plaster paste is poured onto a hard surface and with a plaster knife a unique movement is created. Colours may vary from very light, sometimes translucent to eye catching bright, according to the moment and feeling of the day. Her creations can best be characterised as organic, monochrome, three – dimensional in which texture and volume always play a very important part.

A work by Lieselot might add this extra dimension to your interior in a lot of various ways. Lieselot values the importance of the very personal way people view and acknowledge her artwork. In addition to the works of art, she now also creates interior objects such as side tables with glass in foam which carry her distinctive creative touch.